Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Blog

Ok, I am FINALLY starting this blog as a way to document all the silly things by little girl does on a daily basis. I have been horrible at keeping a baby book and am so afraid I am going to start forgetting all her milestones....so here we go :)

I want to start with a recent silly statement. Jaycie & I stayed at Disney's PopCentury resort the other night (9/23). We were in the Magic Kingdom until they closed at 8, took the bus back to the hotel and arrived a little after 9pm. She saw a splash-park area and wanted to play but we didn't have a swimmy diaper on....thought I could convince her to go to the room for one and sneakily put her to bed. Fat chance :) She asked if we could go swimming, I agreed. Why not, it was late but who cares? Well, we were in the pool, swimming and Jaycie was in her "tubey." She starts swimming in circles singing, "simming in the dark, simming in the dark," and smiling like she was all that! Too adorable and I hope I don't ever forget that moment.

Here are some pics from that trip.

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  1. Congrats to your first post!

    You're a good mommy. It's the fun little moments like that that she will never forget.