Saturday, November 7, 2009

Face painting

It seems as if my boo has a new "favorite" thing...face painting at Disney! We spent Wednesday night at Epcot with Grandpop (my dad) and that is all she wanted, even picked out a Tinkerbell pattern. It amazes me that she will sound like I am hurting her when I try to wash her face or comb her hair, but she sat COMPLETELY still for 10min while they painted her face! Silly girl. I was so proud of her sophisticated palate that night as well. We were able to enjoy the Food & Wine Festival and she ate nearly everything we got; Arepa (corn & cheese cake), maple salmon, chedder cheese soup, Irish cheese, Fisherman's stew, Canneloni, Pot Stickers, Cheese & Chorizo quesadilla...and more! What a big 2 year old :)

1 comment:

  1. Aww! so cute! Olivia loves getting her face painted too...
    and where did you eat Arepas?? That's a typical food from Venezuela and Colombia.. I love those! I make some really good ones! ;)